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Come aboard the Celebrity Reflection for an unforgettable 7-Night Ultimate Western Caribbean Cruise and immerse yourself in the glamorous world of secret agent James Bond 007.

The cruise will be accompanied by Chris Distin & Benjamin Lind, two James Bond experts who have extensive knowledge about the 60 year history of the Bond Franchise. Knowledge they are eager to share with you aboard and on shore excursions. 

Benjamin Lind
Chris Distin

You will also have the chance to meet actress Brigitte Millar, who famously portrayed Dr. Vogel in both “Spectre” (2015) and “No Time To Die” (2021).

Brigitte Millar
Brigitte Millar in "Spectre"

Last but not least, we have a wonderful musical guest in German performer Meike Garden. Among others, she will perform highlights of her “LadyBOND” concert programme!

Meike Garden