For this special event cruise, we have assembled a team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts that will entertain and surprise you onboard as well as on land:

Benjamin Lind

Being a long-time James Bond fan since 1996, Lind strived to contribute to the global fan community and thus launched his own blog ‘THE BOND BULLETIN’ in 2012. What began as a simple news blog has evolved into an interactive website which is supplemented by social media channels. Following the trend from the written word to visual content, Lind opened his YouTube channel under the same brand name in May 2019 and has since accumulated over 8.000 followers and two million views.

Chris Distin

A passionate collector of original props from the successful James Bond films, has collected around 600 exhibits from 24 Bond films to date. In collecting circles he is a recognized expert on the subject of 007. With his knowledge he is not only able to provide expert opinions, but also knows how to procure and integrate the props and production items behind the scenes.

Brigitte Millar

Brigitte is a multiple award-winning actress, best known for her roles in Harry Potter (2006), 007 James Bond/Spectre (2015) and No Time To Die (2021). Brigitte s an award-winning London based, bilingual European/English, actress. Her family ancestry goes back to the famous painter Emil Nolde and she has inherited his natural creativity.

Meike Garden - "LadyBOND"

She gained greater recognition by participating in the
Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, with the duo Maxi & Chris Garden in 1988. She concluded her music diploma in Musical Arts at
the University of Arts Berlin. Her passion is to experience music and share emotions with her audience. For her, music is – in addition to a smile – the most direct connection to the heart of people.
She has started touring with her passion project “LadyBond.”